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[ U-Engineering Division consists of Sales/Proposal Team and Electrical Team,  
Communication Team ]

Sales/Proposal Team

SI Business Team has provided Total Solution from SI consulting, design, execution to post-management across the market to government, public institutions, general companies, financial institutions and education institutions.

In particular, SI Business Team has done its best to satisfy customers based on technology ability and experience in the field through direct execution for over 10 years.

Electrical Team / Communication Team

- Network Solution
Focus on the project using technology abilities in security, NMS, maintenance, construction, consulting and network design.

- SCS Solution
Realize customer satisfaction in the project at home and abroad based on SCS design, execution and excellent maintenance ability as a business partner of AVAYA from 1993.
- DVR Solution
Deliver DVR to financial sectors, airports, apartment or small-sized workplaces and pursue overseas business.
- A/V Solution
Provide up-to-date and digital studio solutions and multimedia lecture room system where users can utilize all kinds of media based on the technology for sending and receiving voice and audio real time.
- Other Communication Works
Perform various kinds of communication works for government and public office, general companies and apartments
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