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[ Electricity Business Division consists of Construction Electrical Team and Plant Team

Daesun Electric & Communication has devoted all its efforts and energies for customer satisfaction and has demonstrated excellent ability in the electricity work with its innovative management.
In addition, we have performed lots of high quality constructions in good faith for general building, school dormitory and special facilities (hotel, research center and hospital) as well as large-scale amusement facilities ( Seoul Land , Gyeongju Doturak World, Seongwu Resort...)
Main Business Item

- House Electricity Equipment
Telephone equipment, TV watching facility, CCTV and broadcasting equipment areas of buildings such as apartment, officetel and house-residential complex.

- Medical Facility
Electric power equipment areas for power supply to up-to-date medical equipment such as operation room
- Sales and Business Facility
Electric power and interior area for new construction, expansion and remodeling of big-scale buildings such as logistics center and bank
- Fire-fighting Facility
Auto fire detector, emergency alarm, halon extinguisher, sprinkler fire-fighting equipment area

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