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[ Electricity Business Division consists of Construction Electrical Team and Plant Team

Daesun Electric & Communication has been prepared to perform design and execution construction of power equipment and factory automation equipment of confectionery (Tongyang Confectionery, Orion Fritolay, OurHome) as well as meat processing equipment based on know-how and technologies through experience in execution and design of various cements and plants equipment for long period of time. In addition, Daesun has recently performed electric power equipment, instrumentation equipment work, construction/material equipment (KCC glass, glass cotton, paint, doors and windows, etc.)

Main Business Item

- Cement and Paper-making
Design and execution construction of electric power system and automation equipment using DCS and PLC

- Confectionery, Bread-making and Meat-Processing
Automation equipment for baker factory and confectionery factory

- Chemistry, Glass, Paints and more
Design and execution construction of electric power equipment and instrumentation equipment

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