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Daesun Electric & Communication has performed lots of construction works at home and abroad, starting from wharf crane works of Gangwon Industry at Pohang in 1979.

As Daesun has participated in expansion work, remodeling work of Gwangyang iron mill at Gwangyang

bay, and Pohang iron mill of Pohang Steel Co., Ltd. at home as well as Mini mill work in Indonesia, our technology and performance have been proven to be reliable and excellent. In addition, Daesun Electric & Communication has reasonably and effectively solved all kinds of works from acceptance or order to completion of works for the steel manufacturing plant, emphasizing customer satisfaction.

Daesun has the best performance in cement plant as we participated in expansion of famous cement factories in Korea including Tongyang Cement, Asia Cement, Hanil Cement and Hyundai Cement. Daesun has performed continuous maintenance and recorded dominant position in Korea in terms of electricity and instrumentation work of cement plant. By successfully completing all processes of expansion work for cement factory, New Santara of Indonesia, the world biggest in single size, Daesun has once again reinforced its know-how and technology accumulated thus far.

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