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Actively solve environmental problems with much energy on itˇ¦

Daesun has invested much in nuclear power plant and nuclear power related areas, and has studied wind power generation area, clean energy, for solution of future energy shortage.

In addition, Daesun has devoted lots of efforts and energy in environment areas such as incinerator equipment, desulfuration equipment, water reuse system and water purification facilities, to pursue the best value of ˇ°improvement of life quality in clean nature, based on the truth ˇ°Human and nature are oneˇ±.

In water processing area, Daesun has conducted Kimhae integrated waterworks and Buyeo sewage treatment facility works. Waterworks facility in Yangsang Mulgeum district is currently under way. Daesun has performed incineration facility for life wastes at Incheon city in waste treatment area and NEW GOD work of Kuwait and desulfuration equipment of No. 5, 6 of Taean thermal power generation plant in the atmosphere area.

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