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2004.10.01 Company name changes to Daesun E&C Co., Ltd.
  2003.04.06 Obtain "ISO 9001/KS A 9001": Institute RWTuV
  2001.12.31 Enter into AVAYA SCS Business Partnership
  2001.06.29 Report software business
  2000.03.31 Capital increase: 800,000,000 won
1999.12.09 Receive Excellent Affiliate Certificate from Samsung Construction
  1998.04.17 Change number of information communication work: Information communication work, Class 2, No. 21071
  1997.02.26 Receive citation for development of electricity communication work from the Minister of Commerce
  1997.10.08 Enter into agreement with Lucent Technologies(SYSTIMAX STRUCTURED CABLING SYSTEMS)

Obtain License for ISO 9002 ' License: Institute RWTuV

  1996.06.17 Obtain fire-fighting equipment work(professional fire-fighting facility work): No. 91-24-21
  1996.04.10 Obtain citation for merit of industrial disaster prevention from Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA)

Obtain License for electricity communication work(General construction work, Class 2): No. 77

  1995.07.01 Receive citation for merit of industrial disaster prevention from Daejeon District Labor Office
  1994.12.30 license for overseas construction business(Electricity work): No. 111
  1993.07.07 Move main office to 47-6, Supyo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Obtain License for fire-fighting equipment work, Class 2(electricity): No. 91-24

  1993.02.16 Enter into AT& T agency agreement(AT & T SYSTIMAX TM PREMISES DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: SCS communication materials)
1980.05.20 Move main office to 11-4, Supyo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
1976.03.23 Move main office to 166, Sanlim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
  1973.04.16 Change the company ' s name: Daesun Electric & Communication Co., Ltd.

Obtain electricity work business license No. 418

1969.07.29 Bukyeong Industrial [capital stock: 2,000,000 won]

Daesun Electric & Communication Co., Ltd # Dong Sin Bldg. 55 22Gil Sa-Pyung Dae Ro Soe Cho-gu, Seoul
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